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    I won $9,500 at Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino in Coarsegold, California using this exact system. Started with $300. See below:
    Chukchansi Resort & Casino
    Corky Stanton
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    "I played 27 hands using your system. I started with $100 and ended up with $600. I am very impressed."

    Hello Corky, I asked for a refund about 3 weeks ago for your system after I had a really rocky start with it, and i am writing to apologize to you. I have played for the last 3 weeks, 1 day a week only and after making a few adjustments because i was doing some things wrong, i am now up over $4100. I figured out real quick not to sit at a table with nobody else there and play head to head with a dealer. That resulted in 2 very quick losses back to back that hurt. The system seems to do best with about 3 or more players at the table for me. (I will be re-purchasing your system tomorrow.) - Alexis, email on file

    On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 10:38 AM, Dear Corky, I just purchased your system last night and have tried it on my online game for about two hours. My results have been very good. My questions is, is this to good to be true?! I'm very impressed so far. Thank you, John H.

    Updated April 30, 1012
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    This is a large 300 DPI file for high quality fine detail print to print yourself. Print them on quality glossy paper or lamenate it! You can even sell them for $2 each!  Keep all the profit! Proven money maker for gift shops, etc. Print as many as you want, it's like printing money!

    I make a good portion of my income from blackjack and I have not needed to take much money from my main business.  I am now willing to share this system with others!

    With this system (7 pages that you will print), you will learn how to manage your money while playing, when to double, when to triple and when to ten times your bet depending on what cards have been played.  You will learn a new basic strategy for the year 2012 and multiple decks. Plus many expert tips! NO CARD COUNTING! Conquer the edge the casino has with this thoroughly tested system!

    I am not a gambler.  I would not play at a blackjack table unless I became an expert with an edge over the casino.  I never play any other games in the casino.  I have never rolled a pair of dice because I know no one can make a living off craps or slot machines. After over 20 years of blackjack research using a computer, and reading many blackjack books, I have come up with a system that has consistently made me about $150 an hour at a $5 table (This is not the martingale system). When the casinos changed the rules to fight off people who count cards, they have helped this system tremendously.  The more thoroughly the cards are shuffled and the more decks that are used, the better this system works. That is the opposite of what counters want.  There are many blackjack players who make a living off the game,  but very few actually count the cards these days because the casinos' new rules.

    You will notice that the casinos will soon be giving you free rooms and meals just for playing a long time.  The casinos need winners because the average winner will bring back 10 losers.  Most people are too eager to play without studying first.  You are just taking the money that was lost by the person sitting next to you.  The casino still takes in thousands by the end of the day in their drop box.

    Article in the Sierra Star, August, 22, 2003You might notice the casinos do not seem to care about card counters anymore, but they sure do take notice when bets are increased and decreased a lot.  They know this is the sign of a winner. The dealer usually says "checks play" to announce to the pit boss a player has increased his bet a lot. Their only hope is that you will get greedy and increase your bets even more when my system says to go back to the minimum bet and they eventually lose more than you win. YOU will NOT do that, right?  BE HAPPY WITH SMALLER CONSISTENT WINNINGS!  Don't be like the dog with a steak in his mouth looking at a reflection of himself in a lake. He gets greedy and drops his steak in the lake trying to get the steak from the dog in the reflection. He loses it all. If you win a thousand dollars at a $5 table, DO NOT increase your minimum bets. Do what made that thousand dollars again.

    I went into the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas to a six deck shoe and sat with a friend of mine to demonstrate my system.  I bought $100 worth of chips and in about four hours I had over $1,000.00 in front of me. Later we ate with a few friends at a very expensive restaurant and the bill was about $350.00.  I simply went back to a casino, the 4 Queens to be exact, and won about $500 in about three hours.  It still amazes me that this system is so easy and works so well.  To be honest, I have sat at a table and lost about two or three hundred in one sitting. But most of the time I win, which is all that matters.  I am up about $17,000.00 for the last few months or so and I play about 10 hours a month.

    I did a demonstration of my system using an online casino ( and started with $500 and won $11,192.50 in four hours. Click on picture 1 to see the screen shot. You can try it for fun to test the system on most online casinos. I wish I wasn't playing just for fun during this demo! A friend of mine won $5,000.00, real money, from Las Vegas Casino Lite, an online casino, and started with only $200. Click on picture 2. I saw the check they sent him!

    Click to see $11,192.50 in winnings!
    Picture 1
    Click to see $5,000.50 in winnings!
    Picture 2
    Click to enlarge!I went to Nevada with only $400 in my pocket and was in Vegas for one night. I played for two hours at Bally's, bought $300 worth of chips and won $1200. The next morning I bought $300 in chips and won $1,100. I then went over to Ellis Island Casino and played for about an hour at a $5 table and bought $300 in chips and won $1300!  The dealer at Ellis Island was a very nice person named Rite. She said she was amazed by the way I pushed my bets at all the right times.  I had over $3,000 in hundreds in my pocket coming back to California. See Photo. I went back and lived in Las Vegas for three months just off blackjack. I prefer the mountains of California so I came back.

    A new casino opened near my home in Oakhurst, California called Chukchansi Gold Casino in Coarsegold. I noticed they had very good rules. You could split up to four times, double down on any two of those split pairs, dealer stands on soft 17, checks for blackjack on every 10 and the betting spread is $5 to $500, great for progressive betting. Plus a high roller's room to go put down your big bets when the progression system calls for it. If you have to make a big bet, it is because you have already won a lot more than that bet. If you can't find a higher limit table, I will show you how to bust through that table limit of $200 or $500 by using more hands at the same table. I never bet more than $35 of my own money, but that is where the progression starts and I start using the casino's money. I usually just bet $5 until it is time to progress. If you have a good run of wins, you could eventually have $500 on each of the seven circles working for you and all you risked was $35 of your own money! If the dealer busts a few hands in a row at that point, you will be profiting $3,500 each time the dealer busts. If you lose, no problem, you will be many thousands ahead and just go back to $5 on one hand and start over. This is explained clearly after you download the system. 

    Anyway, I won $1,000 at Chukchansi Gold Casino in Coarsegold, CA.  The next day I bought in with $170 and played at a table with a friendly dealer named Amy and in about two hours, I cashed out with about $4,500! Two days later, I bought in with $100 and cashed out with $1,150. Last week,  I bought in with $100 and lost it. Oh well, that is all I brought and will go back soon and have the necessary backup (at least $250). As long as you keep winning more than you lose, everything is okay! About a week ago, I bought in with $300 and won $3,700. Two days later I won $2,500. I prefer the $5 minimum tables. Most of my bets are $5 until the progression starts. 

    Give it a try. You should be able to earn the $19.95 back in minutes at most Blackjack tables.  This is a fun, easy system! After you checkout online, you will be taken to the complete system ready for you to print or save. You will be able to download a blackjack game to immediately test the system.  You will also get more downloadable image files of the betting system and strategy table on it so you can print it and take it to the tables.  If you print it on thick card stock or laminate it, it will be more durable for your wallet.  The only defense casinos have against you is to ban you from playing blackjack for being too good of a player. If that happens, oh well, you have made a lot of money in the process, not much of a problem, right?

    IMPORTANT! I do not recommend you play with real money until you check out the web site and master the system. NEVER bet more than you can afford to lose. ALWAYS write down your wins and losses. Keep a journal! (Free print out below) Use your blackjack winnings to pay bills, use blackjack cash for everyday purchases. Most of all, have fun!


    Sample expert tips:

    If you are at a casino where the dealer checks for blackjack by bending the cards up to see what is under the 10 cards, you will notice after hours of play the ten cards are a little bent and the lower numbered cards are a little bent the other way. Even though tens are sometimes under the card showing, the tens are bend towards itself more often. Sit at third base and you can see this more clearly. If you have a good idea what is under the dealers up card, this is a tremendous advantage. Also, when the dealer knows his hole card is a 2 through 6, he unconsciously reaches for the show to deal himself the next card. If he knows his hole card is a 7 through 10, he doesn't usually reach towards the shoe. The dealer will usually do a double take if the bottom card is a 4.  This is because the top of a 4 looks like the top of an Ace.  If the dealer does this and you have a bustable hand, then don't hit your hand at that time, let him bust. These are signs to watch for and is NOT considered cheating, it is just your observations. 

    One of my customers told me he makes a living playing blackjack in Las Vegas simply doubling-down on other's hands when they don't. He keeps large chips in his pocket and waits for others to get a 10 or 11. When the dealer is showing a 4, 5 or 6 you have about an 80% chance of winning your double down. He offers to split it with them and after they win, they usually say, "No, just keep your money, I am just happy I won my bet." You can make hundreds of dollars an hour doing this. 

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    Use this system at your own risk. I offer no guarantees with this system except a 30 day 100% money back on the purchase of this system, no questions asked.  IMPORTANT! I do not recommend you play with real money until you master this system.  Have fun!

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